Studded Tubes

  • Welded Stud Tubes
  • Fired Heater Tubes
  • Stud Fin Tubes
  • Fired Heater Tubes

Technical Details

Pipe Details
Pipe Diameter : Min 2” Nb To Max 8” Nb Pipe
Materials : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex Steel, Alloy Steels (P5,P9,P11, P22), Inconel, High Chrome High Nickle & Incolloy  Etc. (any Ferrous Material)
Stud Details  
Stud Height : Min 0.5” (12.7 Mm) To Max – 2.5” (63.5MM)
Stud Diameter : Standard Size Is Circular For Extended Portion 0.5” (12.7MM) (can Be Changed As Per Customer Requirement)
Stud Spacing : 0.625” (15.875 Mm) Or 63 Studs Per Plane Per Meter (can Be Changed As Per Customer Requirement)
Stud Materials : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel And Alloy Steel (Any Ferrous Material)

Production Technique & Applications

An Electric Current Is Applied By Contacts On The Stud And Tube And The Resistance In This Circuit Produces The Heat Necessary For Welding. Maximum Resistance And Therefore Maximum Heating Occur At The Interface Between The Stud And The Tube. Pressure To Forge The Stud And The Tube Together At The Point Of Maximum Heating Is Applied By Various Forms Of Tooling. These Resistance Welding Processes Produce A Strong Metallurgical Bond Between The Stud And The Tube While Minimizing The Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) In The Tube. The Use Of Pressure To Forge The Fin And The Tube Together Helps To Minimize The Heat Input Necessary To Make The Weld. This Product Is Used In Fired Heaters Under Very High Pressure & Temperature Mainly In Petroleum Refineries This Production Is Done On The Latest And Most Modern Machine Among Those Installed In India. It Has The State Of Art Technology, With The Japanese Welding Controller Giving The Precise Secondary Current And Cycle Time, At The Time Of Welding, Which Result In The Desired Welding Quality. All The Welding Parameters Are Plc Controlled. The Machine Is Also Equipped With Digital Pressure Control To Maintain Excellent Welding Quality. One Of The Major Additional Features Of This Machine Is Plc Controlled Servo Drive For Maintaining Exact Stud Pitch And Stud Planes Per Meter.