About Us

Akshar Precision Tube Pvt. Ltd was founded on 16th January 1998 as a private limited company to manufacture world Class products as below

  • Studded fin tubes (with own cold forging of studs).
  • Aluminum fin tubes.
  • High Frequency welded fin Tubes.
  • Square Fin Tubes.
  • Oval Stud fin tubes.
  • Air Coolers (with design if needed.)
  • Surface Condensers.
  • HRSG Modules and associated fabrications.
  • Convection Modules consisting of Studded Tubes. Continuous Welded Fin Tubes.

Akshar Precision Tubes Pvt Ltd. today is a well known company having a turnover of 400 million Rupees and looking forward to continuously increase the same. The strength of the company is its continuous up gradation of its products, systems, machines, facilities as well as man power.

APTPL is an ISO 9000 approved company and enjoys a CRISIL rating of SE-1A (highest in our category)

APTPL has been adding the range of products, new facilities & improving on its manpower every year since 2002.

Akshar Precision Tubes Pvt. Ltd is approved by all major consultants and third party inspection agencies viz. EIL , IBR, TUV, BVIS, LRA, CEIL, SGS, VELOCY, DNV, TATA PROJECTS, ETC it is situated on the gateway of the golden corridor of industrialization in Gujarat with a huge business potential due to its Management policies, location & working capabilities. Our Company is managed by young dynamic professional engineers who have sufficient experience in fin tube manufacturing and associated fabrications.

Even though the company is striving for quality, it fully under stands the needs of the corporate world for economy and time management and hence gives the utmost attention in this area also. It believes in the one to one relationships with all its customers and is eager to cater all type of customers.

“Customer’s Satisfaction” is our motto and hence we coordinate and take care of the customers right from the stage of the raw material till after the stage of the dispatch. APTPL always believes in expanding it’s customer base & hence all customers small or big are equally important to us.

Akshar Precision Tubes Pvt. Ltd. has a fully equipped workshop having a total plant area of 45871 Sq.mtr and Covered area
is 10089 Sq.mtr including 7 Sheds , offices, stores, parking, gardens, Laboratories, etc , The plants are fully equipped with their own Substation, Bore well, RO plants, DM water plants, Cooling Plants, Furnaces, and all type of Big & small machines needed for productions. We also have covered and Open loading & unloading areas with Mobile cranes , Hydraulic jacks Overheads cranes as well as Goliath cranes as per need in that particular areas from 2 tons capacity to upto 50 tons. We have dispatched products upto 110 tons (single Piece) with dimensions upto 26 mtr L x 5 Mtr W x 5 Mtr H from this plant.